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An extreme school day; Episode II

Blog 6 Week 2 - Second of October

Greetings readers, and welcome back to the CK@C blog, for the second week of the month of October, 2015. This blog will be a continuation of the last week blog, part two of the event on PVEX extreme day. I hope you would enjoy the content and thank you for your continued interests.

After I ate lunch, I went around the school for a walk to see all of the activities in the afternoon, which mostly consisted of outdoor activities and a video game “tournament”. First, I went to see the activity that everyone talked about besides the bubble soccer match, it was called inflatable bungee run. At first, I though it was going to be dangerous like in real bungee jump where you run ahead while pulling at a rubber rope. At a point, the force pulling you back would overcome you strength and thus you would be pulled backwards, crashing into the hard, solid ground. As it turns out, you do exactly what I described except that you did in in an inflatable object. So, even when you were pulled back, you would bounce around the wall and it would hurt less. Although I still didn't want to go on it because I am still scared of twisting my elbow when hitting the wall. I looked at a lot of people playing it though, and it looks fun and exciting, getting pulled up from the ground and hitting the floor can sometimes be adrenaline inducing and exciting activity.

Next, I walked all the way up to the soccer field to see what was supposed to be the crown jewel activity of the day. It was supposed to be popular enough that people have to sign up for it to get a chance to play. It was the bubble soccer game. Now, before I go on and describe it, I wanted to describe what I thought it was first, because it blew my mind when I saw it (and not in a good way). I thought that, like some ball I've seen in a water park before, you would actually get inside the ball and it would enclose you while you try to run around inside the ball, trying to roll it to hit the soccer ball. Much like how a hamster run inside its ball and roll it around. While, in reality, you just slip into a sphere and it would just cover your body in protective insulation. You still stand on two legs but now you body is covered in plastic sphere and if you hit another person/sphere you bounced off. It might be fun as bouncing off and getting to hit your friends can sometimes be fun but last I heard it was very hot inside. When I went up to the field, a game was already finishing. But, from what I can observed, people are just there to bounce off each other and roll around. Not caring about the goal of soccer which is to hit the ball inside the net. I stayed there for a few more minutes until the match ended then walked down to the activity I signed up for, the video game tournament.

The tournament was held in the cafeteria, where two projectors was setted up on the stage, projecting images from two borrowed Nintendo game cubes that sat on a coffee table. This year game would be Super Smash Bros., a multi-player fighting game consisting of cartoon characters from a wide variety of games such as Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, and Ice climbers (I don't even know where they are from). After a while, the judge have all the player seated and began inputting all of our information into the machine. Then, the fight begin. The game was very fun, and even though I never played it before, I made it to stage three where I was beaten and eliminated. After that, I came out and sit to watch the grand final and found out that the number of people watching has increased a lot, I can't even see beyond the stage to the cafeteria beyond! This make the event the most successful on the day, eclipsing even the bubble soccer, partly due to the temperature outdoors. In the end, even though I missed the trophy (they actually had a trophy for the winner), it was still fun getting to play some multi-player games with friend and winning a few rounds.

Overall, the PVEX day was a very fun and great day full of activities of different kinds from video games, to arts, to sports, to extreme sports. I, and I think everyone there, greatly enjoyed the day and I am very pleased with how great this day turns out. I hope next year would still be as good and memorable as this year PVEX day and that I will get a chance to go to a day like this again. Thank you for reading, see you next blog!

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I think I might have opted for the video game tournament rather than bubble soccer too. Maybe you can try it one day. ;-)

by nielsenm

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