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An extreme school day; Episode I

Blog 5 Week 1 - First of October

Greetings readers and welcome to the fifth blog in the CK@C series, for the first week of October, twenty fifteen. I still can't believe how fast time could fly by but now, the month of September have passed and I am already a week into October. Many interesting things had been happening since I have written the last blog and I'll share one of them with you today, the PVEX day.

The school, just as I told in the previous blogs, like extra curricular activities, especially a fun and enjoyable one. So on the first Thursday of October, the school held an activity day called by the organisers, the student council, as PVEX (Park View EXtreme) day. The entire day would be devoted to activities for the students, which means that there is no school and last I heard that's fine to all the students and teachers alike. Now you might ask, what really is PVEX day? It is one of the few days school can be called fun and exciting. The entire premises are filled with a wide range of activities to do, from athletic sports like floor hockey, to artistic one like pumpkin carving, to extreme one like bungee run, to a couch potato one like games and films. There's always one for you to do and I barely scrape the surface of it, there's too much to do!

So, because there's so many things to do, I'll just outline my day and a few noteworthy activities I've done or seen. The day begin as usual, just a ride by school bus to the school and walking through the front door, except that there's no school bags behind my bag today and no class bells. The first thing everybody who came in do was to crowd around the activities outline board. I caught a glimpse of it and manage to snatch a few picture to plan for it. I can't believe my eyes, there's so many things to be doing in too little time. There's pumpkin carving, trivia quiz, bungee run, floor hockey, bubble soccer, and many more that I wanted to do. Sadly, I can't be at all place at one time due to quantum limitations so I settle down to go carve a pumpkin first, I've never carve a pumpkin before and I think that this is going to be a fun experience.

The first moment I stepped inside the room, it was crowded. Bustling with students and teachers trying to either carve a pumpkin or manage the activity. I manage to find a decently sized pumpkin and sat right next to one of my peers. Now the fun part begins, first you would have to cut out the top part angular to the vertical axis of the pumpkin in an arc away from the centre vertical axis. This is needed in order to open it up and remove all the stuffing underneath. If done correctly, it would be a hatch that can be popped open and it would be able to be placed back on top again for decorative purposes. Sadly, I'm just a beginner and thus left a gaping hole on the top as I accidentally cut the top too small so I have to cut around the hole again. Then we have to dig in with spoons and all sort of tools to remove all the stuff inside the pumpkin. As it turns out, pumpkins are actually hollows inside. I didn't know that before, I though they were full of orange pumpkin meat. The process was tedious but I finally finished scraping the last bit of stuff and seeds out. Now, the fun part begin. So I took my carving tools and begin to play on the pumpkin, carving my artistic skills (maybe not really that artistic) on the pumpkin, cutting out chunks of pumpkin here and there and sharpening the edges of the newly created figures and inscription. I was having a lot of fun carving a picture of witch burning rituals onto the pumpkin and decorating it to my liking. When I finished, though, I realized that two hour has passed and it is lunchtime already. That means that I had missed all of the morning activities already. So, I packed my pumpkin up, placed it on the side counter and hurry to grab some pizzas for lunch before the are all gone. The pizza were quite nice, but certainly not overly delicious. I finished my lunch with some dessert and went around the school for a walk to see the afternoon activities.

Wow, look at that. It had already passed the seven hundred word mark. Sadly, that means that this blog must now come to a close. But, don't worry, I will publish the continuation in the next blog and maybe, if there's any room left, my thanksgiving experience. Thank you for reading, see you next week!

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I think everyone can admit to making an error cutting the top for a jack-o-lantern, at least once. ;-)
Perhaps a how-to video for international students who have never carved a pumpkin before?
Can't wait to read Episode II.

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