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School in Nova Scotia, now classes are actually engaging!

Blog 4 Week 4 Last one of September

Greetings readers and welcome to the fourth and final blog for the month of September, 2015 in the CK@C series. In this blog, I'll be talking about my impression of the school in Nova Scotia, specifically my school Park View Education Centre in the town of Bridgewater.

One of the primary reason why I chose to come and study abroad in Canada is because of the educational system. Compared to Thailand, Canada education is pretty much heaven in its own right. People back home always praised studying abroad as being much better for the students in terms of both workloads and understanding. Now that I am here I can safely tell you that, Park View has not yet to let me down in the duration that I've been staying here. The school is amazing and the teachers are very nice to the students. Now, let's dissect some aspect of the school that I liked and share them with all of you, shall we?

The first one is how much encouragement and importance the school gives to extra curricular activities and to some extent, to the student themselves. During the first day of school; Orientation day, and the first few weeks the school staff, student ambassadors, and student council had been encouraging students and even invite me and other international students to do some extra curricular activity. The principal, Mr. Walters, even said that, “This school has a lot of [extra-curricular activity] to offer and all you have to do is take the chance.” That might not be the exact quote but it still communicate the point of the message across. This school has a lot of activities such as sports, clubs, and bands that you could do and you should do it. This shows how much they valued extra school activities and that is great. That allowed me to get into many interesting project that I wouldn't have had the ambassadors not gave me the info and I got a lot of new and great experiences. So I liked it that the school and teachers promote activities outside of classroom.
s find the pattern that would evolve into a concept themselves. They also have you do a lot of interesting and “fun” labs, but sadly we are not allowed to access caesium. That would make stuff more interesting (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Dwl_amSvDI) pretty quickly. In the end, these allow me to understand concepts in Physics, Chemistry, and Math better than back home and it actually made me enjoy studying at school!

The last one I wanted to talk about is how the principal and the administrative staff was very friendly. You (or maybe only me) would sometimes get the mental picture of the Principal as this black figure sitting in a dark office making up some evil educational plan for students and siphoning funds for field trips. That is not the case here. During the first week, I saw the staff walk around the school and offer students help a lot. That is extremely great and I liked it that the staff and teachers try to help the student and all of the students not just the fiftieth percentile and above. The principle has once helped store my bag during a school dance. That shows how nice and friendly he is and that is why I liked him, and the school. That also cause me to have a little more trust in them to do what is the the best interest of the students seeing them engage with the student a lot.

So, while staying here, I have come to enjoyed school a lot. I thought that was not possible but the experience here gave me a new view of school and classes. Classes are actually fun and engaging and I greatly enjoyed the class. I also enjoyed the school itself and its activities that I participated in. The student council are holding an extreme day (a fun day) next week and I'm already looking forward to doing some great activities with friends. In the end I'm looking forward to what I would be doing during the rest of the school year and the many new experiences, friends, and knowledge I would get. That's it for this blog, see you in the next blog and the first one for October!

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Getting involved in school activities is excellent advice! There are so many opportunities for students, you just have to be brave enough to try! You are correct, school staff are there to support students and will help however they can to ensure you have a great experience academically and socially. :-)

by nielsenm

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