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The peculiar little ball, a tale from an alley.

A blog concerning the smaller size of NS bowling ball compared to Thailand one.

Greetings all readers! Again, welcome to another iteration of the CK@C blog! This is a time of celebration as my IB Economics exam had just finished!!!!! Now I can relax and write some more blogs instead of reading. So, that aside, there has been many new developments I wish to share with all of you, one of them is the most amusing thing I had just experienced a few short weeks ago. The bowling, as some of you may recall, is quite different and amusing at the same time, especially when coupled with projectile motion. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Bowling, as many of you had played before, is a fun and sometimes relaxing sports consisting mainly of aiming skill and bouncing pins luck. Bowling here is very different, at least in this part of Canada as, and I quote my friend, “The ball is quite small due to cost saving measure as they [probably] do not have enough customers [they are cheap].” So, how smaller is the ball? I can point you to the picture below.


As you can see, the ball size is quite spectacularly undersized compared to normal ball, at least from what I played in Thailand. As a result, the ball is severely underweight and thus it can be quite literally thrown in a pendulum-like motion just like a baseball. This leads to many interesting results such as, the ball being thrown and bouncing along like a bouncy ball. That or it could just swerve right into the gutter and let me tell you, these things like to swerve into the gutter probably due to less momentum causing the ball to swerve from its intended path more than normal as its momentum is not enough to fight other rotational and translational forces. Not only that, but due to the low mass of the ball and its small size, this means that the ball would usually just hit a few pins and then strike a hole through to the back, without hitting any other pin or causing further falling of pins such that may exist with a larger ball. This is quite frustrating, for all players, as the ball just make a little gap between pins and dissappear into the shadows. So, the ball, small and light, can be thrown which is quite fun but also frustrating as it keep swaying into the gutter and it do not contain any punching power.

I have taken some time and asked some Nova Scotians, mainly my hosts family and their extended family about the bowling ball size and they said that it has always been like this. Bowling here, at least in NS, used theses small, non-standard ball which is quite interesting and surprising as people here said they never know it was played with a larger ball in other part so the world. Although the same and reverse can be said for me, I still find it pretty interesting that different part of the world even played the same exact sports differently, and thus create some fun, frustrating, and interesting new experience for me when they took me to bowling. Except the part where I lose, that is not much fun. Anyway, that's all for this blog and sorry if it feel rushed, I just wanted to let all my IB frustration out. This is CampKol, signing off and see you later!

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