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Winter Carnival, a hypnotising tale.

Greetings readers and welcome to another blog in the CK@C series. Due to the weather, as it's winter now, the blog would be more irregularly updated as soon as I can find something interesting to write about. Nobody wants to go anywhere in winter. Although, the snow somehow all melted away, my hosts assure me that this is just a temporary heat wave. Anyway, in this blog I will be talking about the school winter carnival week, where students dress up in pajamas and we watched live hypnosis.

The winter carnival was just a nicer name for a week where the student council try to create some entertainment for the school. Usually set in the middle of February, this one was delayed due to the multiple snow storm closing the schools. The carnival itself was nothing to note, really. It's just a time period where the student council try to encourage students to do something fun like wearing pyjamas, retro, or other theme clothing to school in the so called “theme days”. There's also a bake sale and a prize draw at the end of the week. But, the most interesting and entertaining activities was the hypnosis show.

Hypnosis is something I don't really believe on, usually just brushing it aside as an illusion. This show fare no better as it raises suspicion between me and my friends over if it was staged or not. But, even if it was staged, it was very fun and amusing to watch. The show started with the usual of any show, getting the audience riled up and asking for volunteers. What happened next appears much like Black Friday, people are crazy sometimes. They all rushed out to grab a seat as a volunteer, it looked like a race to get to the seat first and some event stood up beforehand in a sprinting-ready position! After everyone has settled in and all the “unhypnotisable” returned to the audience seat, the hypnotist began to perform. It was quite fun and entertaining to watch, albeit embarrassing for the one who was performing for the entire school assembly. He had them do entertaining stuff like dancing, hugging each other and waking up unknown of what they were told to do (the reaction between one male-male couple was really great), pretending to be a fish in a bowl (some people are amazing performers, especially the feeding part), and talking to their shoes thinking that there's a celebrity on the other side (some of the reaction when they started talking were quite entertaining). It was actually quite amusing when he asked them to come up with one most unlikely explanation for the Titanic sinking and one guy said, in a voice full of confidence, “Donald Trump happened!” After that, he had a few more tricks to perform by asking people to interact with him and wiping a specific memory such as number sic or their name temporarily. Although somebody memory actually slipped back to them, which draw quite a laugh from the audience, it was fairly successful and entertaining to see people struggle with remembering their name and counted their fingers to eleven due to missing six.

In the end, the show was quite a sight to be seen although there was still doubt over its authenticity. I must say, it was actually entertaining and fun to watch. I can't possibly think what would I say or act if I actually went up there as it would be quite embarrassing in front of everyone. Maybe, just maybe, I'll do it next year. That's the end of this blog. Thank you for reading the CK@C series and have a great day. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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