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The brown menace, a small update on the puppy.

Blog 18

Greetings readers and welcome back to the CK@C blog. Sorry if this was a little bit late but due to time constrain and my own habits the blogs will be a little bit irregulars and may be posted with a delay. This blog will be the last blog of January, and with it mark the end of the first semester of stay and the start of a new chapter, second semester. But, for now, I would like to talk about my host’s new dog, Molly. Now that she has grown, she had become a little bit more intelligent and devilish.

As I once wrote, my host had a new Labrador (May be it's an Irish settler, my knowledge of dogs are extremely limited) puppy called Molly. Within the span of the month from arriving, she has grown a lot. She also went from being a shy, quiet puppy to a harassing biting fur ball that would not stop unless my host father orders her to. Now, though, she had reached a new level.

Now, she had even grown more. With it, her jaws and each bit also become stronger. She can now climb up the sofas with ease and are able to chase all the toys into higher ground that she once cannot reach. Although, thankfully, she still would not go down into the basement where my room is located. But, even though she has grown, surprisingly she had not matured yet. She still loves biting and from what I observed, playing around in the snow. This created a lot of problem as every time I came up she would start running around and bite me. Me! She actually tries to rip my clothing apart and bite my hands, which forced me to go back down again. It is fun at times to play with her like that and toy her but it can actually be annoying, especially at dinner.

Not only that, she also loves playing fetch and it is actually funny to see her trying to fetch a ball from midair. For example, when you throw the ball at a very high angle such as eighty degrees with the horizontal floor, Molly would immediately jump up and try to catch it as it flows up to its highest point. But, she would not be able to catch it and she is not fast enough to catch it while it is in reachable region so she would spins around to keep look at the ball while standing on her hind legs outstretched to try and catch the ball. The end is very funny and heartwarming; she fell down due to being unable to balance and crash on the floor. But, she would always get up, run towards the ball, grab it and play with it like that never happened and she is victorious in capturing the ball.

The last scene i remembered fondly is Molly and the snow. Molly, somehow, liked snow even though she is warm blooded and it is very cold out there. She would always run out, jump around in the snow, and run in it. There is even one time where she would dig her snout in the snow, probably to play with it and smell it, and got stuck. It is actually quite a scene where a dog, whose snout was stuck in the snow, tries desperately to pull back out using its legs. This went on until my host mother went out and pull her out, thus ended her playfulness with the snow and now a little bit more reserved, although she still plays in it a lot and she just went on a coasting ride, sliding down a snow hill, with my host mother yesterday. it ended in a crash of course, sadly I don't have a video of it as hand but I ensure you that it is pretty funny seeing dogs and man crash into the snow after speeding down a hill.

So, that is all my experience with the dog ever since the last update involving here. I must say, i am starting to like the idea of animal companionship although the biting and harassing part is till very annoying. The part where she played with you and stumbled around is actually fun and uplifting. I would never forget my experience with a puppy again so that one day, i might raise one of my own too. Maybe. Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you all enjoyed it, see you again next blog.

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