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Speeding down the slippery hill, a skiing tale.

Blog 17

Greetings all readers and welcome to another blog in the CK@C series! Winter is now in full force, and with the upcoming test everyone probably felt chilly in the heart. In this blog, I'll be talking about my experience going on a ski trip for the second time! It was fun and I hope you will get a chance to enjoy it too.

It all began, well, like all my previous blog. Wake up, get on the bus, and arrive at the destination. Although, this time, I packed a lot of winter gear. Scarves, mittens, hat, I even wear double layer of pants and shirts to protect myself from the cold as at that time the temperature is absolutely cold (Note: not absolute zero, pun intended). Along the way, the scenery is quite surreal. Snow, snow everywhere and even them there's still some more snow falling, creating a scenery much like the winter wonderland scenario in MS:FSX. When I arrived at the destination, we were immediatedly brought into the changing room to rent out all our gears. A full set of protective and skiing gear such as the helmet, a pair of skii boots which are very heavy and not quite fit my feet for the first few sizes, and the finally the ski. After that, I put everything on and proceed to walk outside to get some instructions.


As you can see, the full ski set is quite nimble, not much accessories to be have (the poles which can sometimes be seen used for cross country can be rented separately.) After that, I proceed to get my lesson. It is the usual just like last year, make a triangle to break, lean on to turn, and more braking maneuver. I kind of get bored after doing twenty braking maneuver. But, i also learned that the ski also had a locking mechanism that would release the skiier if crashed so it is safer than I thought. After spending two more hours on lesson, lunch, practice, I finally pass my test and can now look forward to sliding down from the hill itself.

So, I went up the skiing lift which is quite scary in itself. You had to slide forward on the ski while it is coming into the station. The sit down as it touch you, hold on, and close the safety bar. After all is secured, while the seat continue to move, we sit down, relax and wait until it takes us up the hill.


After sitting and admiring all the amazing view of the surrounding plains, and the snow machine, I finally reached the top and proceed to stumble while exiting the seat. it is quite hard to slide down a 45 degree hill for the first time after just exiting the seat. After that, I slid down to the starting point with my instructors to await further instructions on how to proceed. The view itself is quite surreal, amazing view with a panorama view of the landscape and quite frightening look down the hill, sometimes a very steeply angled hill, to the ground further below.


After that, the instructors gave us all recommendation, which consisted of pizzas (the braking triangle maneuver where you angle the front part together to form a triangle), more pizzas, turn and slow down, and beware of the steep part. Then i am ready to go and proceed to slide down. it is very fun and exciting for the first part, sliding down the snow while gaining speed, braking, and turning around in an s shape. Then, it started to get faster and faster while I struggled to control my speed. I headed straight towards the trees to the side so I immediately crash myself to break and avoid any injury, pooping my ski off my boots in the process. Then I regain my composure, put my ski back on, and try again. This time, i am more successful but still was forced to brake hard so I stopped. After a few tries and advice by instructors, I finally had it and managed to slide toward the halfway point. After that, I just continue to do the routine s path even though sometimes I was speeding too fast and had to turn abruptly to slow myself down. But, i finally reached the bottom and successfully conquered the hill. After that, I packed up and return to the bus for the trip home.

And that is all my story for my skiing trip. i must say, it was quite a fun, challenging, and scary activities but I would not hesitate to try again although i might try the half, less steep hill this time. Maybe next time I'll try snowboarding too. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this story, see you next time.

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