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The peculiar little ball, a tale from an alley.

A blog concerning the smaller size of NS bowling ball compared to Thailand one.

Greetings all readers! Again, welcome to another iteration of the CK@C blog! This is a time of celebration as my IB Economics exam had just finished!!!!! Now I can relax and write some more blogs instead of reading. So, that aside, there has been many new developments I wish to share with all of you, one of them is the most amusing thing I had just experienced a few short weeks ago. The bowling, as some of you may recall, is quite different and amusing at the same time, especially when coupled with projectile motion. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Bowling, as many of you had played before, is a fun and sometimes relaxing sports consisting mainly of aiming skill and bouncing pins luck. Bowling here is very different, at least in this part of Canada as, and I quote my friend, “The ball is quite small due to cost saving measure as they [probably] do not have enough customers [they are cheap].” So, how smaller is the ball? I can point you to the picture below.


As you can see, the ball size is quite spectacularly undersized compared to normal ball, at least from what I played in Thailand. As a result, the ball is severely underweight and thus it can be quite literally thrown in a pendulum-like motion just like a baseball. This leads to many interesting results such as, the ball being thrown and bouncing along like a bouncy ball. That or it could just swerve right into the gutter and let me tell you, these things like to swerve into the gutter probably due to less momentum causing the ball to swerve from its intended path more than normal as its momentum is not enough to fight other rotational and translational forces. Not only that, but due to the low mass of the ball and its small size, this means that the ball would usually just hit a few pins and then strike a hole through to the back, without hitting any other pin or causing further falling of pins such that may exist with a larger ball. This is quite frustrating, for all players, as the ball just make a little gap between pins and dissappear into the shadows. So, the ball, small and light, can be thrown which is quite fun but also frustrating as it keep swaying into the gutter and it do not contain any punching power.

I have taken some time and asked some Nova Scotians, mainly my hosts family and their extended family about the bowling ball size and they said that it has always been like this. Bowling here, at least in NS, used theses small, non-standard ball which is quite interesting and surprising as people here said they never know it was played with a larger ball in other part so the world. Although the same and reverse can be said for me, I still find it pretty interesting that different part of the world even played the same exact sports differently, and thus create some fun, frustrating, and interesting new experience for me when they took me to bowling. Except the part where I lose, that is not much fun. Anyway, that's all for this blog and sorry if it feel rushed, I just wanted to let all my IB frustration out. This is CampKol, signing off and see you later!

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A wind has blown, an Easterly tale.

Easter Holiday, a time of rest and joy.

Greetings all readers and happy Easter holiday! Again, welcome to another iteration of the CK@C blogs and in this iteration, I'll talk about my little Easter experience in Canada. Easter is a nice time, not only did you get great treats but it also came with a four day holiday starting with Friday designated as Good Friday and ended with Easter Monday. A total of 2 days off of school plus 2 weekends! During these times I got to have a nice Easter dinner and scavenge for some candy-filled Easter eggs which I will talk about in this blog.

Easter, a time of celebration, is more known as a time of relaxation, at least from what I gathered from the people around me. People here liked their days off, especially students so Easter is viewed as a way to get more weekends off of their normal schedule. During these time, my host family was relaxing for a period from their long work. I was relaxing too, although a little bit less so due to the fact that my IB History exam is directly after the holiday along with my mid-term project. But, on Saturday, my host mother started preparing for Easter dinner. I'm actually looking forward to it as the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, all of which I had been to, was scrumptious.

The dinner itself (sometimes called supper as people here call lunch dinner, for reason unknown) is very nice. Consisting of a full course meal of an assortments of ham, beef, baked potatoes with gravy, sweet baked potatoes, vegetables and a very nice home made bread. The meat, namely the ham, was very nice and soft. Not too salty yet full with taste, combined that with the sweet potatoes and gravy potatoes made it extremely pleasing to eat. After I finished my main course, twice, then came the best part, dessert. It was very good, smooth and sweet apple pie topped with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. Combine that with some more chocolate muffin and black forest cake made it very pleasant to eat it. The texture and the taste of chocolate was just perfect in conjunction with the ice cream and pie. It was a great dinner and I still miss the taste as I typed it.

After the dinner was done, came some of the more fun time such as board games and egg hunt. The egg hunt was pretty simple, I think it was a tradition that kids try and search for eggs that was hidden by adults during Easter. Seeing that none of us, which is my “brother” Berke, my host son Zachery, his girlfriend Emma, and I was not a kid any more there was only 10 eggs. It was still fun though as it was pretty well hidden, or sometimes so obvious that you groaned when somebody else found it where you just looked. All in all, I lost and the prize, which is a lot of candies and chocolate, goes to Berke. After that was done, we played some board game such as Risk. It was quite a change in pace from the egg hunt to a full blown strategy games. All in all, it was a good game sans some cheating dice and unfavourable RNG.

Anyhow, that's a short recap of my Easter experience. Overall, it was quite normal. Just a time off to spend with your family and having fun hunting for eggs and crushing your enemies. It was a pretty good weekend and now I'm ready for school again. That's it for the blog, thank you for reading and see you next time.

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Winter Carnival, a hypnotising tale.

Greetings readers and welcome to another blog in the CK@C series. Due to the weather, as it's winter now, the blog would be more irregularly updated as soon as I can find something interesting to write about. Nobody wants to go anywhere in winter. Although, the snow somehow all melted away, my hosts assure me that this is just a temporary heat wave. Anyway, in this blog I will be talking about the school winter carnival week, where students dress up in pajamas and we watched live hypnosis.

The winter carnival was just a nicer name for a week where the student council try to create some entertainment for the school. Usually set in the middle of February, this one was delayed due to the multiple snow storm closing the schools. The carnival itself was nothing to note, really. It's just a time period where the student council try to encourage students to do something fun like wearing pyjamas, retro, or other theme clothing to school in the so called “theme days”. There's also a bake sale and a prize draw at the end of the week. But, the most interesting and entertaining activities was the hypnosis show.

Hypnosis is something I don't really believe on, usually just brushing it aside as an illusion. This show fare no better as it raises suspicion between me and my friends over if it was staged or not. But, even if it was staged, it was very fun and amusing to watch. The show started with the usual of any show, getting the audience riled up and asking for volunteers. What happened next appears much like Black Friday, people are crazy sometimes. They all rushed out to grab a seat as a volunteer, it looked like a race to get to the seat first and some event stood up beforehand in a sprinting-ready position! After everyone has settled in and all the “unhypnotisable” returned to the audience seat, the hypnotist began to perform. It was quite fun and entertaining to watch, albeit embarrassing for the one who was performing for the entire school assembly. He had them do entertaining stuff like dancing, hugging each other and waking up unknown of what they were told to do (the reaction between one male-male couple was really great), pretending to be a fish in a bowl (some people are amazing performers, especially the feeding part), and talking to their shoes thinking that there's a celebrity on the other side (some of the reaction when they started talking were quite entertaining). It was actually quite amusing when he asked them to come up with one most unlikely explanation for the Titanic sinking and one guy said, in a voice full of confidence, “Donald Trump happened!” After that, he had a few more tricks to perform by asking people to interact with him and wiping a specific memory such as number sic or their name temporarily. Although somebody memory actually slipped back to them, which draw quite a laugh from the audience, it was fairly successful and entertaining to see people struggle with remembering their name and counted their fingers to eleven due to missing six.

In the end, the show was quite a sight to be seen although there was still doubt over its authenticity. I must say, it was actually entertaining and fun to watch. I can't possibly think what would I say or act if I actually went up there as it would be quite embarrassing in front of everyone. Maybe, just maybe, I'll do it next year. That's the end of this blog. Thank you for reading the CK@C series and have a great day. Hope you enjoyed reading.

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The brown menace, a small update on the puppy.

Blog 18

Greetings readers and welcome back to the CK@C blog. Sorry if this was a little bit late but due to time constrain and my own habits the blogs will be a little bit irregulars and may be posted with a delay. This blog will be the last blog of January, and with it mark the end of the first semester of stay and the start of a new chapter, second semester. But, for now, I would like to talk about my host’s new dog, Molly. Now that she has grown, she had become a little bit more intelligent and devilish.

As I once wrote, my host had a new Labrador (May be it's an Irish settler, my knowledge of dogs are extremely limited) puppy called Molly. Within the span of the month from arriving, she has grown a lot. She also went from being a shy, quiet puppy to a harassing biting fur ball that would not stop unless my host father orders her to. Now, though, she had reached a new level.

Now, she had even grown more. With it, her jaws and each bit also become stronger. She can now climb up the sofas with ease and are able to chase all the toys into higher ground that she once cannot reach. Although, thankfully, she still would not go down into the basement where my room is located. But, even though she has grown, surprisingly she had not matured yet. She still loves biting and from what I observed, playing around in the snow. This created a lot of problem as every time I came up she would start running around and bite me. Me! She actually tries to rip my clothing apart and bite my hands, which forced me to go back down again. It is fun at times to play with her like that and toy her but it can actually be annoying, especially at dinner.

Not only that, she also loves playing fetch and it is actually funny to see her trying to fetch a ball from midair. For example, when you throw the ball at a very high angle such as eighty degrees with the horizontal floor, Molly would immediately jump up and try to catch it as it flows up to its highest point. But, she would not be able to catch it and she is not fast enough to catch it while it is in reachable region so she would spins around to keep look at the ball while standing on her hind legs outstretched to try and catch the ball. The end is very funny and heartwarming; she fell down due to being unable to balance and crash on the floor. But, she would always get up, run towards the ball, grab it and play with it like that never happened and she is victorious in capturing the ball.

The last scene i remembered fondly is Molly and the snow. Molly, somehow, liked snow even though she is warm blooded and it is very cold out there. She would always run out, jump around in the snow, and run in it. There is even one time where she would dig her snout in the snow, probably to play with it and smell it, and got stuck. It is actually quite a scene where a dog, whose snout was stuck in the snow, tries desperately to pull back out using its legs. This went on until my host mother went out and pull her out, thus ended her playfulness with the snow and now a little bit more reserved, although she still plays in it a lot and she just went on a coasting ride, sliding down a snow hill, with my host mother yesterday. it ended in a crash of course, sadly I don't have a video of it as hand but I ensure you that it is pretty funny seeing dogs and man crash into the snow after speeding down a hill.

So, that is all my experience with the dog ever since the last update involving here. I must say, i am starting to like the idea of animal companionship although the biting and harassing part is till very annoying. The part where she played with you and stumbled around is actually fun and uplifting. I would never forget my experience with a puppy again so that one day, i might raise one of my own too. Maybe. Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you all enjoyed it, see you again next blog.

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Speeding down the slippery hill, a skiing tale.

Blog 17

Greetings all readers and welcome to another blog in the CK@C series! Winter is now in full force, and with the upcoming test everyone probably felt chilly in the heart. In this blog, I'll be talking about my experience going on a ski trip for the second time! It was fun and I hope you will get a chance to enjoy it too.

It all began, well, like all my previous blog. Wake up, get on the bus, and arrive at the destination. Although, this time, I packed a lot of winter gear. Scarves, mittens, hat, I even wear double layer of pants and shirts to protect myself from the cold as at that time the temperature is absolutely cold (Note: not absolute zero, pun intended). Along the way, the scenery is quite surreal. Snow, snow everywhere and even them there's still some more snow falling, creating a scenery much like the winter wonderland scenario in MS:FSX. When I arrived at the destination, we were immediatedly brought into the changing room to rent out all our gears. A full set of protective and skiing gear such as the helmet, a pair of skii boots which are very heavy and not quite fit my feet for the first few sizes, and the finally the ski. After that, I put everything on and proceed to walk outside to get some instructions.


As you can see, the full ski set is quite nimble, not much accessories to be have (the poles which can sometimes be seen used for cross country can be rented separately.) After that, I proceed to get my lesson. It is the usual just like last year, make a triangle to break, lean on to turn, and more braking maneuver. I kind of get bored after doing twenty braking maneuver. But, i also learned that the ski also had a locking mechanism that would release the skiier if crashed so it is safer than I thought. After spending two more hours on lesson, lunch, practice, I finally pass my test and can now look forward to sliding down from the hill itself.

So, I went up the skiing lift which is quite scary in itself. You had to slide forward on the ski while it is coming into the station. The sit down as it touch you, hold on, and close the safety bar. After all is secured, while the seat continue to move, we sit down, relax and wait until it takes us up the hill.


After sitting and admiring all the amazing view of the surrounding plains, and the snow machine, I finally reached the top and proceed to stumble while exiting the seat. it is quite hard to slide down a 45 degree hill for the first time after just exiting the seat. After that, I slid down to the starting point with my instructors to await further instructions on how to proceed. The view itself is quite surreal, amazing view with a panorama view of the landscape and quite frightening look down the hill, sometimes a very steeply angled hill, to the ground further below.


After that, the instructors gave us all recommendation, which consisted of pizzas (the braking triangle maneuver where you angle the front part together to form a triangle), more pizzas, turn and slow down, and beware of the steep part. Then i am ready to go and proceed to slide down. it is very fun and exciting for the first part, sliding down the snow while gaining speed, braking, and turning around in an s shape. Then, it started to get faster and faster while I struggled to control my speed. I headed straight towards the trees to the side so I immediately crash myself to break and avoid any injury, pooping my ski off my boots in the process. Then I regain my composure, put my ski back on, and try again. This time, i am more successful but still was forced to brake hard so I stopped. After a few tries and advice by instructors, I finally had it and managed to slide toward the halfway point. After that, I just continue to do the routine s path even though sometimes I was speeding too fast and had to turn abruptly to slow myself down. But, i finally reached the bottom and successfully conquered the hill. After that, I packed up and return to the bus for the trip home.

And that is all my story for my skiing trip. i must say, it was quite a fun, challenging, and scary activities but I would not hesitate to try again although i might try the half, less steep hill this time. Maybe next time I'll try snowboarding too. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this story, see you next time.

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