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The peculiar little ball, a tale from an alley. 03.05.2016
A wind has blown, an Easterly tale. 28.03.2016
Winter Carnival, a hypnotising tale. 24.02.2016
The brown menace, a small update on the puppy. 01.02.2016
Speeding down the slippery hill, a skiing tale. 19.01.2016
Happy New year! A story with presents and fireworks. 05.01.2016
Gingerbread housing, a murderous Christmas tale. 22.12.2015
Life after Highschool, an impression of NS university. 03.12.2015
A new puppy appears! 16.11.2015
Some little things that make for a great experience. 12.11.2015
All four senses, a Canadian cultural experience. 01.11.2015
Turkey and stuffing, a thanksgiving feat to be thankful for. 28.10.2015
An extreme school day; Episode II 21.10.2015
An extreme school day; Episode I 13.10.2015
School in Nova Scotia, now classes are actually engaging! 30.09.2015
About Me, a general information. 27.09.2015
A blue voyage 16.09.2015
The Arctic maple icy water 15.09.2015