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Happy New year! A story with presents and fireworks.

Blog 16 week 4 of December

Greetings all reader and Happy New Year! Another year is now upon us and with it hopefully a continuation of a good life and an improvement of life all over the globe. Welcome back to CK@C Blog, last one of December and New Years edition. In this blog, I will be talking about Christmas and New years in Canada as I experienced it.

First of all, Christmas. Christmas is a Christian celebration where people all over the globe celebrate together by giving each other gifts. On the 25th of December, Christmas day, I woke up around 8.00 to the sound of everybody already in the living room. When I walked up there, everyone is assembled there. Under the Christmas tree lies a lot of gifts, from the very plain, large box to a small wrapping covered in ribbons. My host mother then start picking up each presents, read out the names, and give all the presents to the recipients. It was a great time seeing what everybody gets and getting excited for them while they unwrap it, presents ranging from simple book to electronics unfurled before everyone eyes. Then it was my turn, and I got my present. What do you do first? You shake it and try to guess what it is, then I begin to unwrap it carefully and removing the duck-tape piece by piece. But as time goes on, I just went ahead and rip the paper apart, revealing my present, a book on chemistry. After that I got a few more presents, each with different wrapping style and in the end, I got a book, a shirt, a sweater, water bottle, and a pair of socks. Those are great, especially the book which is scientific in nature

Next was New years, this one is less exciting than Christmas. On the 31 of December, I went to the living room to see the fireworks at around 23.30. When I am up there, I found out that only my host mother remains while everyone else either went to bed or went outside to party. So I sit, and waited for midnight. After a while, at 23.59, I got up and the walked to the window to see outside further out beyond the trees. After a while of straing into the darkness, my host pointed out a dot in the sky, exclaiming “Fireworks!” After that, a few more dots appear and some are close enough to make out the outlines. As it turns out, quite regrettably, we are so far away from civilization that the only fireworks being lit was so far away that it was nothing but a dot in the sky when we see it. I also heard some gunshot sounds too, apparently some people shoot their gun on New years day to welcome a new year. Anyway, that is how my countdown and fireworks watching go and, to be honest, it was pretty mediocre and regrettable experience. At least the night was quiet and I had a good sleep afterwards.

So, that's the end of some points from my Christmas and New years experience. I hope you enjoyed this blog and see you next time, thank you for reading.

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Gingerbread housing, a murderous Christmas tale.

Blog 14 week 2 of December

Greetings all readers and welcome back to the CK@C weekly blog. Now, in the northern hemisphere, December is upon us and with it comes winter, school break, and Christmas! It's just a few days before Christmas and I hope there'll be more fun things to write about soon. In the mean time, I'll talk about some rather interesting day at school, the day before Christmas break where the school held an activity for all students.

The day begins, just like every other activity day, rather normal. The yellow school bus would come by and pick us up and drop us at the school. But, upon arriving, the school looks rather deserted, probably the result of students taking a day off early (I really wanted to stay home to, but at last decided to come and has not regret it yet). There's one actives throughout the day but I find two particularly fun, the gingerbread house building.

Gingerbread house building, is a fun activity where you built a gingerbread house out of....... gingerbread and candies! At first when I saw the white stuff to be used as a cohesive substance, I thought it was glue and it would cause it to be inedible. To my surprises, it was not. It was icing, and oh did we use a lot of icing. It was a very fun and relaxing thing to do, you would first squeeze the icing container and plaster a lot of icing onto either the floor (which conveniently had some gorges marked for placing walls). Then you would place the gingerbread pieces (they are pre-made, boxed just like Legos) into the icing and hope that it stays. So we would continue this process over and over, until we got a house. Then, after everything was in place and hopefully sturdy, we begin placing ornaments like assorted candies and snowman made from gingerbread. After we had finish gluing the candies to the house and all around using the icing as a cohesive, we are finished and now have to wait for the icing to dry off. Sadly, while waiting, the roof collapsed and thus with a little more redecoration the theme turned from Disney wonderland to a scene from Psycho, with a snowman dying in the front killed by someone who didn't like him (Hint: The house owner). So, I certainly have fun building it and imagining all sorts of scene to it to my wishes. But, the most fun part is the eating part, I really liked the jelly topped with gingerbread and icing. It tastes so good and sweet I can hardly resisted eating all the jellies myself. Sadly, all of these candies I got for Christmas is probably give me diabetes right now.

So, these are all what I would say in this diary, the gingerbread house building is very fun and spurred my imagination. I also really liked eating them afterwards, carefully destroying the house, eating the murderer and stealing his candy horde. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this diary and see you again next time!

PS: Picture of house https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CWtl6xiVEAEavoa.jpg:large

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Life after Highschool, an impression of NS university.

Blog 11 and 12 week 3 and 4 - Last of November

Greetings all reader and welcome back to the CK@C weekly blogs, this blog will be a combination of both week 3 and 4 blog and I’ll be talking about the EduNova University tour that I had just been on and my impression on those universities. It was a four day trip to go tour around major Nova Scotian university, the tour was great and I had a good time on that trip. Without further ado, let's start.

First of all, as anyone may know, post secondary education is one of the factor that could influence the rest of your lives. Choosing a university that best suits your academic and lifestyle could be hard and sometimes may result in some second guessing, so getting to walk around on campus and experience the general feel beforehand could be beneficial in the decision that had the potential to shape the rest of your career and, life, forever. So, I have chosen to went on this tour to get a feel of some of the universities in Nova Scotia and make some alternatives for in case I decided to stay in province instead of going to a more well known one such as Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal.

The trip begins on Wednesday, it's standard procedure of travelling, arrival, check -ins and then dinner. Nothing too special, except dinner. Dinner was great, especially dessert. Such an amazing chocolate cake. The main course, which consisted of Chicken and potatoes, was also good albeit a little bit too dry for my taste. I even met my fellow correspondent, Alex from Brazil during dinner which is pretty great. Then, the next morning, we all went on a bus and begin the tour of Dalhousie University, the well-renowned and probably most prestigious university in Nova Scotia. When we stepped off from the bus, I never expected to see a fairly modern looking building in front of me. As far as university goes, the one back home are mostly old-fashioned. Full with blocky, white, high-school-ish, old building with a lot of overgrown vegetation on it. The building there was nice, fancy, and full of glass. Even the older building looked fancy with a lot of pillars and styled in traditional European style you would see in the movies. I really liked it that they did that. It makes it looks nicer. The area are also pretty clean and aren't clustered with people or parking spots. After a few minutes on an introduction to the university, we went on the tour. The tour was great, we went to both Dalhousie and Kings college which is a subsidiary of Dalhousie itself. Both, combined, offers a tremendous amount of course and a lot of resources for students. I really liked the part where they even have a centre that offer help to students who have trouble in writing to write their thesis. I also got to see some cool things such as an aquarium, at least a miniature one where you can touch anything in it, and a museum filled with collection of stuffed animals. The residence halls are also nice, although fairly standard in both cases. In the end, though, the best part was always food. During all the four days Kings college probably had the best tasting food, thanks to the rice they served.

The second and third day, we went to some smaller university such as Saint Mary, Acadia, and Saint Francis Xavier (Yes, the one and only professor X). These universities, from what I was able to gather, all usually looked the same with generally the same building style and sometimes interior design, which probably came from the colonial era. They also hosted similar facilities such as gym, cafeteria, clubs, and students services with some difference where some universities may have more of these facilities available whereas some may contain specialized facilities unavailable anywhere else. Compared to Dal, these universities are 50 – 70 % smaller in size. But what they lack in size, they made up in class sizes. Usually when you think of some university course there would be a lot of students, with numbers upward to 200, jammed into a room with the professors all the way up front. These universities, due to their size, are able to provide classrooms with Max size of 50. in my opinion, this is a great thing that makes these kind of universities stand out as you get to know the professor more so you have more help available. Overall, the impression that these universities left me with the most are that they are good for some courses that does not require technical speciality such as Business and Arts whereas they usually do not offer a full engineering bachelor-ship.

On the last day we went to Cape Breton University, the northernmost university in Canada. It is cold up there, even when winter has just started, it snowed so much the visibility became foggy! The area up there were also very hilly while lying all along the coast, a fact which probably contributed to the cold weather. This university is, put simply, the most different out of all the other one we have visited. This university is very recent as it was just built in 1970s compared to the 1800s like the other ones. It's shaped and built like a high school. Even the hallways feel like a high school with lockers lining the walls and classroom with template design a few metres apart. Aside from that this university is small, and new but it doesn't really have any of the faculty others have. It still had an advantage in class size and number of students just like other universities. They had a good selection of some applied engineering programs such as petroleum engineering and environmental engineering though, which might be of interest to some. A side note, the cafeteria food is not really up to par, they still serve that terrible rice and I think I'm getting bored of pizzas already, it's true everyone serve pizza at every buffet cafeteria in every university so pizzas lover might love that but I'm starting to get bored after the 3rd meal in a row.

In the end, this trip was a great trip which allowed me to see how the universities was like. Generally universities in Nova Scotia and Canada had the same standard education but may provide something else above par such as services, communities, or just addition academics opportunities. These factors are some that I liked which makes it easier for students to learn, get help, get a job and experience through co-op programs, and enjoy their life while at the same time learning new things at school which would help them find jobs of their dream. For me, personally I'll probably go to Dal as they are the only universities with a bachelor in mechanical engineering program whereas others only have a diploma and for a bachelor you have to go ahead and transfer to Dal. But, I've made my choice and I'll stay and study in Canada, they had a great way of teaching and I particular enjoy the friendliness of all the staff. That's it for this blog, thank you for reading and see you next blog.

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A new puppy appears!

Blog 10 week 2 - Second of November

Greetings all readers and welcome to the second blog of November in the CK@C blog series. It is now mid November and winter weather had started to roll in, it's getting really cold in the morning now. Anyway, in this blog, I will be talking about my experience with my hosts' new puppy, named Molly.

Taking care of an animal can be a tedious job for some, or a great way to have some alternate companionship for others. For me, I've never taken care of an animal for once in my life, nor even living with them for an extended period of time. That's due to the general siblings disagreement over who would take care of the pet once it is in the house. So, the day I heard that my host mother was getting a puppy, I was legitimately surprised and a little bit concerned as I never had a puppy before. So, after a few days of school, the puppy was finally been processed and now living at the house ready for when I finished school.

When I came home, I found the puppy in the house. Actually, it was more like the puppy found me. The moment I stepped inside the house I heard a running sound and the puppy ran out of the living room and come to sniff me. It, the puppy, was a brown, tall, little dog which I have been told was a Labrador. The puppy actually looked a little bit too tall and it came around me, probably seeing what's new. After a few moments the puppy went back to sit and walk around in the living room, around its new owner my host father. The puppy actually looked quite shy and unenergetic as it doesn't want to do anything at all, only looking around and walking. That would change, however, after a few day.

A few days later, the puppy started to change, it probably got a little bit more comfortable in its new house now so it started playing and declaring ownership. The first problem was the usual, hygiene (bathroom, eating, etc.). My host mother had to actually buy a special type of dog food for her! That was nice to know that somewhere out there, exists special dog food for large breeds. Anyway, the dog started by biting everything, and by that I mean literally everything. It would bit into people cloths, rags, sometimes even wiring. It would also try to find food on the floor and sniff everything out. This cause a small little conflict as my host mother, during early times, would scream and run after the dog try to bit into her clothes and her flesh. Even though it was still a puppy, that actually hurt. But, after a few tries at calming the dog down, it now recognize my host dad as its master/father-in-law and would usually listen to his command. So this is less of a problem now, except when she wants his attention then she would do everything like tearing a giant hole through the carpet to get his attention.

Another funny thing is, once, the puppy was very energetic and become a little bit crazy. Barking, playing with toys, and biting people and furnitures. Even my host father cannot calm her down. So, he had this novel idea of playing a dog sound to actually scare her away and stop her from doing that. So he open a new “novel” app on his tablet and played the sound of a pit bull. At first, the dog stopped in its track to hear the sound. Then my host dad started to play it again and run towards it, handing the tablet in front of him. This time the puppy actually ran away, like really ran away barking from the tablet and pit bull sound. It was actually funny but after a few times he stopped and this method was never used again. At least to my knowledge.

But, these are all stories and experiences for the first few weeks. Now, the dog, Molly, had grown and now received orders better. She can sit and give a handshake now. Although sometimes she's still a pain in the [CENSORED - Argininosuccinate synthase], she is better now and I don't have to run back into my basement room to hide any more. She still chew though and that's why I tend to stay down, to get away from her and Prunus.

So, having a puppy is a new experience for me, although she can be fun at times to play with she can also be a pain to content with. So I would certainly not have any pet any time soon. Anyway, that is my experience so far with the dog, molly. Thank you for reading, see you next blog!

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Some little things that make for a great experience.

Blog 9 week 1 - First of November

Greetings all readers and welcome to the first blog in the CK@C series for the month of November. Ever since the last blog, school has really picked up steam, I've had three tests in the span of two weeks! So I apologize for not keeping to my regular content schedule. Now, as of the time of writing, nothing relatively remarkable has happened so in this blog I'll be writing about my impression of parts of my Canada experience.

The two months I've been here I've seen many new and wonderful things, ranging from great experience like Tidal Boring to small little ones like walking around town in relative peace. In this blog, I'll be talking about all the little experiences and encounter that I liked, approved of, or particularly enjoyed.

The first one is the the Cinema. I'm relatively lucky to come to Bridgewater, a somewhat “civilized” town with a decently sized shopping mall, with a cinema attached. This cinema is pretty nice with a reasonable section of new movies in it. The most impressive things though, is that they allowed outside food and drinks to be brought in! That's right, you can buy popcorn at a store for 1000% cheaper price and carry it into the cinema. They won't even stop you or search your backpack. In Thailand they would never allowed anything resembling a snack to go in without being thrown outside the theatre. This is pretty neat and saved me some money while I’m here.

The second little things that I liked is the water, specifically tap water. Tap water here, if it's provided by the town (my current house has their own water well as it's too far away from town), are very clean. You can drink out of it with minimal filtration and it won't harm your health. Although it somehow tastes better if refrigerated, probably because of my bias. Anyhow, this goes to shows what kind of quality standards they have and it also extends to public drinking fountains (it's those water taps where you can drink from it in public free of charge). In Thailand, doing so would probably be fatal, the water has a pH of 8 last time I checked. It also means that the water used for bathing and cleaning has less chlorine, which is probably better for your health, at least mentally it is as it strengthened my confidence in other services such as school and food.

The third things I liked is, well, maple syrup. Yes, those renowned Canadian landmark. I must say, it deserved it. It tastes so nice when you eat it with pancakes, especially with Vanilla ice cream. The texture and sweetness was perfect and the viscosity is way lower than that of honey, which I really liked. These things combined created one of the best pancakes I've ever had. Toppled it with freshly picked raspberry and the taste is phenomenal. It's also easy to make for breakfast too. Too bad you can't have it too much or else diabetes would be coming after you pretty quick.

Well, that is all for this short update. The three little things that I liked and help make my Canadian experience here a better one. I hoped that you enjoyed this blog and come back for more. In the next blog, I'll be talking about the dog we got, now officially named Molly unless some other interesting events occurs in the mean time.

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