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Turkey and stuffing, a thanksgiving feat to be thankful for.

Blog 7 Week 3 - Third of October

Greetings all readers and again, welcome to the seventh blog in the CK@C blogs series. The month of October is a very active month, filled with many holidays and activities I would like to talk about. In this blog, I wanted to talk about thanksgiving. You may have heard about it or even celebrated yourself; So I wanted to talk about how I experience a part of Canada culture which is Thanksgiving day as someone who have never seen a turkey at home before. Without further ado, let's get going!

Unlike some holidays or how people usually celebrate holidays, the family I stayed with did not actually celebrate Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving day. Instead spreading the feast out over a period of days beginning on Friday through Monday (This year's Thanksgiving was on Monday.) So, I actually went to two Thanksgiving celebration. One at my hosts son girlfriend parent's house and another in my host house. The first one, in the other house, is the one I liked the most. Thanks to the delicious and well-cooked turkey compared to the one my host cooked (this is a secret, do not tell her!)

We went to the house on the evening, driving from Hebbs Cross, which is basically the outskirts of Bridgewater, to the town of Lunenburg. Lunenburg is a beautiful, historical town that I've visited a few times already and the sight was great. A town built on a sloped hill overlooking a bay filled with boats ranging from small, modern yacht to big, classic sail boats. For this time, we diverted to the outskirts of Lunenburg, where a house stood on a very large tracks of land in the middle of a forest. The owner of the house had a farm, they even had a horse in their farm which I got a chance to went and observe closely. The house itself is pretty large, with rooms extension to make it even larger. When we arrived, we were greeted at first by a wide variety of animals, two of which are dogs then humans came out and welcomed us. After we met and introduced everyone, we were invited to the table and the feast begins.

It was styled like a Free-For-All buffet, with no order on who goes first, I was the second one to go and the moment I walked into the kitchen (It was separated from the dining room), I was greeted with one of the best aroma I've smelled, but the stuff that caught my eye was the turkey. It looked just liked the chicken, although whiter in some part, and it was surrounded with an assortments of colourful stuff. So, I walked in and picked up everything to my plate's maximum limit, some parts are actually spilling out of the plate. After everyone was seated, we began to eat. The turkey was delicious, cooked just right in order to be soft and not too chewy. All the side dishes including the stuffing (which were removed from the turkey prior and served separately), some kind of berry sauce, and sweet potatoes are also very delicious. After I finished my first dish I also went for a second dish with even more stuffing, and this time with some home-made bread as a side dish too. After everyone finished our very delicious meal, the final course which are some very delicious pies, ice cream, and coffee and teas are served. The room then broke into the usual family gathering business, talking and talking and even more talking to each other. I understood some of it but not all, the part I got are the part about thanksgiving where we are meant to be thankful for something and the story of how it supposedly begins. After about two hours, we finished all our drinks, packed up, and left the house for our own home. When we arrived home we immediately went to bed in order to gather energy to cook more food for tomorrow feast. I actually went to bed that night dreaming something about stuffing avalanche so I might not want to eat turkey for a while.

The thanksgiving story is now at its conclusion. Maybe the story was less about thanksgiving and more about food served during thanksgiving. Anyhow, I still miss that stuffing, they are very nice and I hope that next year food served during the holiday will be as good as this years. I am now looking forward to Christmas and what I'll be getting and eating during one of the biggest Christian holidays. I hoped you all enjoyed the story and come back for more next week. On behalf of the author(s), thank you for reading this blog and enjoy your day.

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Two Thanksgiving celebrations! Lucky! I'm glad to know you enjoyed them.

by nielsenm

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