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Greetings all reader and welcome to the third blog in the CK@C series. During the past week of school, there's not been many interesting activities of note. I've been to some fun activities but those are minor enough to be covered by our regular social media channel. So, in this blog, I'll talk about what I should have put in my first blog; my general information, expectations, and goals. Some of these information may be spread out in the first two blogs so I am sorry for if I typed in something twice, blogging is still relatively new to me.

Let's first start by my general information first. My name is Campbell, and I'm from a province called Khonkaen located in the high plains of Thailand North-Eastern section. I'm currently a student in grade 11 studying at Park View Education Centre located in the city of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia as an exchange student in the Nova Scotia International Student Program (NSISP). I'm currently studying for two years in a row in Canada and I hope to make it to graduation day and later into a Canadian University. My aspiration for the future is to become an engineer in the field of aerospace and aeronautics, which is why I have decided to come study abroad as it provided better standard for this field and not many university taught this back home. Now, I will confess, when I consider where to study aboard, Canada is not on my radar at all. I've been considering the United States and Australia but I never even though about Canada. That changed when I saw a brochure my father brought home. The landscape looked beautiful and all the city in Nova Scotia, even Halifax, the capital of the province itself, doesn't look too busy and looked quite safe. So I chose to come here instead, and I haven't regretted it yet. Not only that, the education in Canada is superb as there's no SAT test or standardize test when you finish high school, so you can just take your grades and apply for university! The university in general are also pretty good, whether or not it is the local university or the famous one in Toronto or Montreal, they all aren't ranked too bad on the educational scale. That is why I came here, because I think it was safe, beautiful, peaceful, and can provide students with great educational opportunities in both high school, universities, and beyond.

Now that I've told you about myself, I'll tell you what I expected to receive from coming here. Evidently, it's getting to refine my English language skills and learn about new culture. Which I have done a lot so far, with living in a host family requiring adaptations to their own house rules but can also allow you to observe their customs and cultures. How they live and how is it different than back home. I also got to practice my English skills, especially pronunciation, a lot as I used it everyday, although my accent is still sub par compared to many students here. But, my primary goal is still to graduate from university as an aerospace engineer and that’s why I am taking all the IB sciences program required for engineering. It was great, the teachers actually taught us to understand the subject. Instead of having us to remember, they have us understand why and some even show us the proof and origin of that concept which allowed us to understand the concept better. So I liked the teaching style. Aside from that, my other goals and expectation would be a minor one such as experiencing or doing activities that I have never done before. For example, although I have skied last year, I still wanted to do it again as it was fun and I want to improve my skiing skills. I also wanted to see a whale for once in my life, and I heard they have got a pretty good whaling tourism here so there's a chance, although slim. The last one is my aspiration to visit Montreal, last year I visited Toronto and there's many interesting places to visit such as the CN Tower (the glass floor is very scary), but I wanted to go see the French capital of Canada for once (the official language of Montreal and Quebec is French), I heard that the French architecture there is beautify and the streets give you the same experience as if you are in Paris, minus the Eiffel tower.

So, that is it for this blog on my information, expectation, and goals. I hope you enjoyed my blogs so far and see you again next blog. The last one of the month of September and if you want, stay tune for my VLOGs!

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I am so happy that you chose Nova Scotia for your studies! Your English skills will most certainly continue to improve and I'm sure you will reach your goal to begin studies to become an aerospace engineer! :-)

by nielsenm

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