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Image: (Clockwise) The view from the ocean to Lunenburg Harbour, a seal, the ocean floor, ships out in the bay by the ocean, wave action as we crossed the ocean.

Greeting readers! And welcome back to the second blog in the CK@C (CampKol@Canada) series. During the past week, I've been trying to find something interesting to write in this blog but, to no avail, nothing really happened during the past week except some odds festivities or activities here and there. So, instead of writing about those, I'll focus this blog on where we left last week, the boating trip from Blue Rock to Lunenburg.

Sometimes you've got to get out of the house and get some fresh air, some people do it by running, jogging, or maybe just sit back and relax on a balcony. But last Sunday, my host took me and my international brother from Turkey, who will from now on be referred to as Berke, out to Blue Rock for a boating trip. We left the house around noon after we had grabbed some quick lunch (oddly enough, people in Nova Scotia call lunch dinner, that can be a source of confusion sometimes). We arrived at the pier around one O'clock in the afternoon to find out that the boat we were going to take is a small six seater boat. It's even smaller than a speedboat! So, after putting on our life jackets and securing all electronics back in the car, we embarked on the boat and off we go! During the first thirty minutes, the ride is pretty uneventful. I've got to see some odd house here and there but the waterway is unusually quiet with minimal signs of human activities. Although it's quiet in the water, there's a lot of activities on the shore. The shoreline is dotted with big houses, which are probably summer homes, surround by hills, forests, and wide fields as far as you can see. Some island (it's a piece of land surround by river on all side) don't even have road access so you have to go there by boat. After a while, it turns out that our captain viewed the water chart (the water chart was on her iPhone, not the greatest idea I would say) wrong, somehow. So we have to turn around and went into another direction. Then, when we were going the right way, we started seeing signs of life. There's a lot of birds flying around, some of them are probably rare or good looking as it excites my host father. Then, after we passed through three more in-land island, we finally came out to a bay the leads to the open ocean. In the bay also parked some very cool sail boats and wind surfers, they looked fun to sail in.

Now that we're in the ocean, it's the fun part. As you know, the ocean isn't usually calm, so there's a lot of waves and thus the ride became more rough. Because I was sitting in the front, alongside my hosts' son, I am the first to get showered on and the water is still as cold as usual (I miss those warm Fundy bay water). But I held on, and as we go out further and further into the sea to avoid the shallow water (those are bad for propeller), the water became clearer and clearer until at one point I can see the ocean floor itself! It was amazing, the water was amazingly clean and refreshing. I even saw five seals in total! Even though it was only the head, it was still nice to see one of those animals out in the wild. We then head south towards our destination, Lunenburg. As we went along the coast, the waves get progressively higher until at one point I have to wrap a towel around my body because it was too cold to my liking. After we passed through several more shorelines and seaside communities, our captain took us into an inlet in the hope that it would be a short cut as we are running late. While in the inlet, we saw many people canoeing in the oceans, having a great time as they are forced to row against the waves. I even saw a Cessna Caravan Amphibian (a plane) in a low altitude flight up close! Sadly, as it turns out, our short cut came to a shallow opening to Lunenburg harbour. The canoe could pass through, but our boat cannot as the propeller would hit the sea floor. So we were, again, forced to turn around and find a new way. Finally, my host mother spotted an inlet out into the ocean and we took that route. All at the same time hoping that this is the right one. It is! Thus, we arrived in Lunenburg safely, unload, have some snacks, and went home. Ending our little adventure for now but leaving a memory of an amazing boating experience forever. I still wanted to do the ocean canoeing though so I might be able to write about it in the future. That is it for this blog, thank you for reading and see you next week!

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Boat transportation to Lunenburg! What an adventure! Your photos are lovely and your description makes me feel like I was there! :-)

by nielsenm

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