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Gingerbread housing, a murderous Christmas tale.

Blog 14 week 2 of December

Greetings all readers and welcome back to the CK@C weekly blog. Now, in the northern hemisphere, December is upon us and with it comes winter, school break, and Christmas! It's just a few days before Christmas and I hope there'll be more fun things to write about soon. In the mean time, I'll talk about some rather interesting day at school, the day before Christmas break where the school held an activity for all students.

The day begins, just like every other activity day, rather normal. The yellow school bus would come by and pick us up and drop us at the school. But, upon arriving, the school looks rather deserted, probably the result of students taking a day off early (I really wanted to stay home to, but at last decided to come and has not regret it yet). There's one actives throughout the day but I find two particularly fun, the gingerbread house building.

Gingerbread house building, is a fun activity where you built a gingerbread house out of....... gingerbread and candies! At first when I saw the white stuff to be used as a cohesive substance, I thought it was glue and it would cause it to be inedible. To my surprises, it was not. It was icing, and oh did we use a lot of icing. It was a very fun and relaxing thing to do, you would first squeeze the icing container and plaster a lot of icing onto either the floor (which conveniently had some gorges marked for placing walls). Then you would place the gingerbread pieces (they are pre-made, boxed just like Legos) into the icing and hope that it stays. So we would continue this process over and over, until we got a house. Then, after everything was in place and hopefully sturdy, we begin placing ornaments like assorted candies and snowman made from gingerbread. After we had finish gluing the candies to the house and all around using the icing as a cohesive, we are finished and now have to wait for the icing to dry off. Sadly, while waiting, the roof collapsed and thus with a little more redecoration the theme turned from Disney wonderland to a scene from Psycho, with a snowman dying in the front killed by someone who didn't like him (Hint: The house owner). So, I certainly have fun building it and imagining all sorts of scene to it to my wishes. But, the most fun part is the eating part, I really liked the jelly topped with gingerbread and icing. It tastes so good and sweet I can hardly resisted eating all the jellies myself. Sadly, all of these candies I got for Christmas is probably give me diabetes right now.

So, these are all what I would say in this diary, the gingerbread house building is very fun and spurred my imagination. I also really liked eating them afterwards, carefully destroying the house, eating the murderer and stealing his candy horde. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this diary and see you again next time!

PS: Picture of house https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CWtl6xiVEAEavoa.jpg:large

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