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A new puppy appears!

Blog 10 week 2 - Second of November

Greetings all readers and welcome to the second blog of November in the CK@C blog series. It is now mid November and winter weather had started to roll in, it's getting really cold in the morning now. Anyway, in this blog, I will be talking about my experience with my hosts' new puppy, named Molly.

Taking care of an animal can be a tedious job for some, or a great way to have some alternate companionship for others. For me, I've never taken care of an animal for once in my life, nor even living with them for an extended period of time. That's due to the general siblings disagreement over who would take care of the pet once it is in the house. So, the day I heard that my host mother was getting a puppy, I was legitimately surprised and a little bit concerned as I never had a puppy before. So, after a few days of school, the puppy was finally been processed and now living at the house ready for when I finished school.

When I came home, I found the puppy in the house. Actually, it was more like the puppy found me. The moment I stepped inside the house I heard a running sound and the puppy ran out of the living room and come to sniff me. It, the puppy, was a brown, tall, little dog which I have been told was a Labrador. The puppy actually looked a little bit too tall and it came around me, probably seeing what's new. After a few moments the puppy went back to sit and walk around in the living room, around its new owner my host father. The puppy actually looked quite shy and unenergetic as it doesn't want to do anything at all, only looking around and walking. That would change, however, after a few day.

A few days later, the puppy started to change, it probably got a little bit more comfortable in its new house now so it started playing and declaring ownership. The first problem was the usual, hygiene (bathroom, eating, etc.). My host mother had to actually buy a special type of dog food for her! That was nice to know that somewhere out there, exists special dog food for large breeds. Anyway, the dog started by biting everything, and by that I mean literally everything. It would bit into people cloths, rags, sometimes even wiring. It would also try to find food on the floor and sniff everything out. This cause a small little conflict as my host mother, during early times, would scream and run after the dog try to bit into her clothes and her flesh. Even though it was still a puppy, that actually hurt. But, after a few tries at calming the dog down, it now recognize my host dad as its master/father-in-law and would usually listen to his command. So this is less of a problem now, except when she wants his attention then she would do everything like tearing a giant hole through the carpet to get his attention.

Another funny thing is, once, the puppy was very energetic and become a little bit crazy. Barking, playing with toys, and biting people and furnitures. Even my host father cannot calm her down. So, he had this novel idea of playing a dog sound to actually scare her away and stop her from doing that. So he open a new “novel” app on his tablet and played the sound of a pit bull. At first, the dog stopped in its track to hear the sound. Then my host dad started to play it again and run towards it, handing the tablet in front of him. This time the puppy actually ran away, like really ran away barking from the tablet and pit bull sound. It was actually funny but after a few times he stopped and this method was never used again. At least to my knowledge.

But, these are all stories and experiences for the first few weeks. Now, the dog, Molly, had grown and now received orders better. She can sit and give a handshake now. Although sometimes she's still a pain in the [CENSORED - Argininosuccinate synthase], she is better now and I don't have to run back into my basement room to hide any more. She still chew though and that's why I tend to stay down, to get away from her and Prunus.

So, having a puppy is a new experience for me, although she can be fun at times to play with she can also be a pain to content with. So I would certainly not have any pet any time soon. Anyway, that is my experience so far with the dog, molly. Thank you for reading, see you next blog!

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This is a marvelous description of what it is like to welcome a new puppy home (the good, and the bad!).
Look forward to seeing a photo of how much she will grow over the year!:-)

by nielsenm

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