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Blog 9 week 1 - First of November

Greetings all readers and welcome to the first blog in the CK@C series for the month of November. Ever since the last blog, school has really picked up steam, I've had three tests in the span of two weeks! So I apologize for not keeping to my regular content schedule. Now, as of the time of writing, nothing relatively remarkable has happened so in this blog I'll be writing about my impression of parts of my Canada experience.

The two months I've been here I've seen many new and wonderful things, ranging from great experience like Tidal Boring to small little ones like walking around town in relative peace. In this blog, I'll be talking about all the little experiences and encounter that I liked, approved of, or particularly enjoyed.

The first one is the the Cinema. I'm relatively lucky to come to Bridgewater, a somewhat “civilized” town with a decently sized shopping mall, with a cinema attached. This cinema is pretty nice with a reasonable section of new movies in it. The most impressive things though, is that they allowed outside food and drinks to be brought in! That's right, you can buy popcorn at a store for 1000% cheaper price and carry it into the cinema. They won't even stop you or search your backpack. In Thailand they would never allowed anything resembling a snack to go in without being thrown outside the theatre. This is pretty neat and saved me some money while I’m here.

The second little things that I liked is the water, specifically tap water. Tap water here, if it's provided by the town (my current house has their own water well as it's too far away from town), are very clean. You can drink out of it with minimal filtration and it won't harm your health. Although it somehow tastes better if refrigerated, probably because of my bias. Anyhow, this goes to shows what kind of quality standards they have and it also extends to public drinking fountains (it's those water taps where you can drink from it in public free of charge). In Thailand, doing so would probably be fatal, the water has a pH of 8 last time I checked. It also means that the water used for bathing and cleaning has less chlorine, which is probably better for your health, at least mentally it is as it strengthened my confidence in other services such as school and food.

The third things I liked is, well, maple syrup. Yes, those renowned Canadian landmark. I must say, it deserved it. It tastes so nice when you eat it with pancakes, especially with Vanilla ice cream. The texture and sweetness was perfect and the viscosity is way lower than that of honey, which I really liked. These things combined created one of the best pancakes I've ever had. Toppled it with freshly picked raspberry and the taste is phenomenal. It's also easy to make for breakfast too. Too bad you can't have it too much or else diabetes would be coming after you pretty quick.

Well, that is all for this short update. The three little things that I liked and help make my Canadian experience here a better one. I hoped that you enjoyed this blog and come back for more. In the next blog, I'll be talking about the dog we got, now officially named Molly unless some other interesting events occurs in the mean time.

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